Animal Welfare Specialist services

Animal Welfare Specialist services

CONSUMERS’ DEMAND for transparency with regards to animal welfare is growing – fast. Consequently the corporate and investor interest in farm animal welfare is also on the rise, which suggests that those food and agriculture companies who do not supervise and manage farm animal welfare issues in their supply chain are less likely to succeed over time. Companies increasingly require science-based specialist help with regards to animal welfare related risk-management. We provide professional auditing and consulting services that answer to those requirements.

Our goal is to help companies and farms tackle various issues with regards to animal welfare. We have a special interest in auditing farm animal welfare at farm level and in abattoirs, improving consumer communications, integrating animal welfare into corporate responsibility strategy and formulating good practice guidelines for suppliers. We also aid enterprises specialize in animal welfare in the competitive food industry and we are passionate about market driven animal welfare initiatives such as labelling schemes and animal welfare subsidy systems.

Here in Armenta Beness we are interested in animal welfare, the impact of consumer behavior on agriculture and its production methods, the added value of animal welfare for consumers and producers, and the impact of support policy decisions and demand on supply and production.

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