Work and project references

Work and project references

THE SPECIALISTS in Armenta Benessi work as auditors and consultants. Animal welfare audits can be executed either against clients own quality control manual or against international animal welfare measuring protocols. We are more than happy to help companies construct their own quality management manual regarding the use of animal based products. Our specialists will be selected to suit the needs of any project and to ensure adequate certifications and qualifications depending on the nature of the project. Specialists are certified to audit animal welfare, they are competent in evaluating the level of animal welfare objectively and if necessary to function as an external or lead auditor.

  • There are several ongoing animal welfare auditing projects. Information on this page is updated when information regarding set projects become public.

  • Armenta Benessi audits Maitomaa Cooperative’s contract producers against the Welfare Quality protocol

  • Armenta Benessi’s as an expert in the Natural Resources Project “Animal welfare label to enhance the competitiveness and quality of Finnish livestock production”

  • Armenta Benessi audits dairy farms of Juustoportti Ltd. against the Welfare Quality protocol and monitors their WQ-logo use

  • Armenta Benessi as an expert in August 2015 ended “Effectiveness of animal welfare subsidy system during the Rural development program 2008-2013” (Luke)(Nature Reserve), and recently completed “Welfare on the shelving” (Centre for Animal Welfare Finland) (Animal Welfare Center). The purpose of the project is to increase the knowledge and awareness of Finnish consumers about the welfare of farm animals and the added value they bring to food, and to promote their ability to make responsible choices.

  • Don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s see how we can help. Wallenius served as a translator for the training of an American animal trainer, Dr. Don Höglund, a veterinary doctor, at the Juusto Port’s Free Cow Milk Farm. Texts and specialized vocabulary kääntämistyötä (en-en) I’ve done the Rural Media.

Articles and interviews

You can ask us for articles and interviews concerning animal welfare. We have delivered articles to various agricultural and animal magazines and given interviews to the radio. We’ve also given speeches and seminars in various occasions. We’ve published articles in for example:


  • Nauta (Faba Osk.) (Cattle – Faba Cooperative)

  • Vihreä Lanka

  • Kehittyvä elintarvike (Evolving Food)

  • Suomen Siipikarja (Finnish Poultry)

  • Pihvikarja-lehti (Beef Cattle-Journal)

  • Farmi

  • Eläinten ystävä (Friend of Animals)

Finland’s first Certified Welfare Quality Auditor Essi Wallenius has been interviewed, among others, in the Public Speaking Afternoon. You can listen to the interview from here.

Wallenius has also worked as a speaker for example:

  • Rural Network Animal welfare as part of the future of rural development seminar series

  • In the annual seminar of the Poultry Association

  • The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) Association’s Dairy Delegation Seminar

  • At the Expert Forum of the Beef Cattle Association.