Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Register and Privacy Statement

This is the Register and Privacy Statement of the Armenta Benessi Oy Personal Data Act (10 and 24 §) and the EU Privacy Policy (GDPR). Created 25.05.2018.

1. Registrar

Armenta Benessi Oy
Org-ID 2873742 6
4, 00380 Helsinki

Other contact information

2. Contact person for the register

CEO Essi Wallenius

3. Name of the register

Company’s customer and stakeholder register

4. Legal basis and purpose of processing personal data

Armenta Benessi Oy only deals with personal data in accordance with the legal basis of the EU Data Protection Regulation

  • a contract where the registered party is a party
  • men
  • the legitimate interest of a controller (eg customer relationship, employment relationship, membership).

The purpose of processing personal data is to communicate with customers, maintain customer relationship, marketing, handle contacts and maintain the audit frequency. Information is not used for automated decision making or profiling.

5. Content of the register

The information to be stored in the register is: the person’s name, contact information (phone number, e-mail address, address), information on subscribed services and their changes, billing information, other information relating to customer relationships and ordered services.

Data retention time is at least 5 years at a time. The retention time is extended, if necessary, in five-year cycles, whereby the audited parties are informed separately.

6. Regular sources of information

The information stored in the register is obtained from the customer, among others. via email, phone, social media, contracts, customer meetings and other situations where the customer delivers their information. Armenta Benessi utilizes the records maintained by the customer in the audits.

7. Ordinary deliveries of data and transfer of data outside the EU or EEA

Information will not be disclosed to other parties on a regular basis. The information can be published as far as it has been agreed with the customer.

Data can also be transferred by the controller from outside the EU or the EEA.

8. Principles of data protection

Careful handling of the registry is ensured and data processed by the information systems is adequately protected. When keeping records on Internet servers, the physical and digital security of their hardware is handled appropriately. The controller shall ensure that stored data, server access privileges and other critical data related to the security of personal data are processed confidentially and only by employees whose job description they belong to.

9. The right of inspection and the right to demand correction

Everyone in the register has the right to check his / her data stored in the register and to demand that any incorrect information be corrected or incomplete information supplemented. If a person wishes to check or request correction of his / her record, the request should be sent in writing to the registrar. The controller may, if necessary, request the applicant to prove his identity. The controller is responsible for the customer within the time limit set by the EU Data Protection Regulation.

10. Other rights related to the processing of personal data

A person in the register has the right to request the deletion of his / her personal data from the register (”the right to be forgotten”). Also, those who are registered have other rights under the EU’s general data protection regulation such as restricting the processing of personal data in certain situations. Requests should be sent in writing to the registrar. The controller may, if necessary, request the applicant to prove his identity. The controller is responsible for the customer within the time limit set in the EU Data Protection Regulation (usually within one month).

11. visitor tracking

The site is used Google Analytics analysis tool. The Google Analytics operating principle is based on statistics and statistics that Google Analytics uses to create cookies (cookies) to generate statistics, curves, and graphs for site visitor behavior and visitor behavior, such as the most popular content on the site. The information collected through it is anonymous and unidentified, and is not combined with other information that came through the contact form, for example.

Data collected through this tool is passed on and stored to Google servers located in, for example, the United States. The data collected by Google Analytics is used to compile visitor reports that Armenta Benessi uses for site visibility, site usability, business, and related services. The use of cookies by a site user means being personified and giving a better user experience.

It is entirely up to the user of the site to decide whether he or she wants to collect information about himself as a cookie. If you do not accept cookies to collect your information, you must stop using the site immediately. The visitor may choose to block the use of cookies from their browser settings. Some services may require the use of cookies. By continuing to use the site, the visitor accepts the use of cookies at

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