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Professional animal welfare auditing and specialist services

Ruskeavalkoinen lehma makoilee navetassa.

Ruskea nauta kävelee ulkona kohti kameraa, takana toinen nauta.Ruskea nauta kävelee ulkona kohti kameraa, takana toinen nauta.

Auditing and consulting

Ruskea kana kulkee alaspäin ramppia pitkin.


Armenta Benessi offers extensive auditing and specialist services in the field of animal welfare

  • ARE YOU LOOKING for an animal welfare specialist to work in a project?
  • DO YOU REQUIRE help in formulating a quality management system or good practices-guidelines with regards to animal welfare?
  • DO YOU REQUIRE animal welfare auditing services?
  • ARE YOU LOOKING for an expert who can view animal related marketing claims or who to consult regarding communications and marketing strategy?
  • ARE YOU LOOKING for a confident speaker or a specialist to write an article?
  • CONTACT US. Let’s see how we can help.

Armenta Benessi

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